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Apr 18 2018
The following research article developed by BioFlora’s team at the Integrated Life Science Research Center describes the clear benefits of rejuvenating your soil after depleting it with fumigation. Please share it with your PCA or call your BioFlora representative to arrange a visit or virtual GoToMeeting with our talented team if there are any further questions.
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Jul 17 2017
Advances innovation for research, development and technical support
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Oct 28 2016
Today, the Global Organics Group (GOG) announced a significant expansion of its patent portfolio, demonstrating the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and leadership.
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Aug 24 2016

Glycation, pronounced “gly-kay-shun” is a condition in our bodies that can damage organs and contribute to disease and health issues, such as: diabetes, inflammation, nerve…

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Mar 2 2015

The F1000 Research Journal, a publication known for its open, transparent and all inclusive approach to scientific research, has launched the publication of the…

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May 14 2014

Center’s fifth laboratory and production facility

The Integrated Life Science Research Center™ (ILSRC), a division of Global Organics Group, and at the forefront…