Ioniplex™ An ionic mineral complex

Aug 24, 2016

Glycation, pronounced “gly-kay-shun” is a condition in our bodies that can damage organs and contribute to disease and health issues, such as: diabetes, inflammation, nerve damage, cardiovascular disease, skin aging and a host of other conditions1. The process begins with an excess of glucose in the bloodstream. This is generally caused by an overconsumption of carbohydrates (including sugar). Once in the bloodstream, this excess glucose reacts with macromolecules in the process known as glycation. This process creates Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs), a group of complex compounds that disrupt the normal function of human tissues, trigger inflammation and clog the cardiovascular system.

Our patented product2, Ioniplex™, has a clinical track record of reducing excess glucose by up to 75%. This may be due to the blood sugar reducing effect of Ioniplex™. Thus, instead of lingering in the blood and causing glycation, glucose may be readily absorbed by cells. There, it provides energy and increases metabolic activity of mitochondria – often referred to as the “powerhouses” of our cells”.

Click the link below to read our PDF white paper on Ioniplex, an ionic mineral complex.

Ioniplex™ White Paper_8.18.2016