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Jun 18 2015

Water is the key to life for all living things. It plays a major role in various systems in the human body, and is a…

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Mar 2 2015

The F1000 Research Journal, a publication known for its open, transparent and all inclusive approach to scientific research, has launched the publication of the…

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Feb 24 2015

The agriculture industry has changed a lot over the past century. After the introduction of DDT, as well as the creation of other…

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Nov 19 2014

Before jumping right in and explaining the benefits of algae, let’s take a step back and begin by defining the term so many of us…

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Aug 20 2014

Global Organics® Group, an international, integrated life sciences company, officially received a signed and sealed patent for its exclusive algae growth and concentration process from…

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Nov 13 2013

Crop Tested: Yellow Field Corn
Date of Trial: May – November, 2011
Planting Date: 5/9/2011
Planting Population: 34,000
Harvest Date: 11/30/11