WE BELIEVE in the Global Organics® promise: credibility, capability and choice. This means that we are differentiated by a commitment to creating sustainable solutions, for all facets of our company. Each individual involved with Global Organics® shares this same passion, drive and determination to enhance the quality of our environment.

OUR MISSION is simple, to create client, company and community value by being a leader in our industry, and benefiting the sustainability chain of our planet by focusing on long-term solutions, not short-cuts.

OUR CORE VALUES are the foundation of our success and what is expected of everyone to makes the Global Organics promise. These include being a team player, working with integrity, acting accountable, striving for excellence, and being a leader.


Microbiologist / Plant Pathologist with the ILSRC

Job Summary: Position requires the appropriate mix of supporting sales with expert product knowledge to solve client’s problem(s) or increase the quality or volume of their agricultural production. The second part of the role is to anticipate the customer’s unforeseen needs through thoughtful consideration of technological trends and a keen awareness of the factors influencing the agricultural, lawn and garden and mineral-based personal product industries. Communicates with all team members to increase their knowledge and awareness of our products and their impact.

This position supports the sales, science and marketing teams by providing assistance with:

  • Field trial development and eventual case studies
    • Case studies will be brought to completion for use as marketing collateral, and;
    • Develop and test scientific theories, and;
    • Present findings at industry, educational and international forums to promote awareness and distinction within the scientific community and the industry
  • Technical support regarding products/microbiology/plant pathology through a variety of media including: telephone, email, video conferencing and in-person presentations or workshops
  • Collaborate with marketing as a liaison for the creation of sales literature for print and digital media including: website, press releases, newsletters, social media posts and presentations
  • Conduct in-vitro testing for quality and product development/research
  • Maintain our proprietary plant pathogen culture collection
  • Manage and maintain laboratory equipment

This position requires comprehension of industry trends and the ability to anticipate the intersection of technology and nature. Collaborate with other team members to develop additional laboratories and best in-class scientific practices. This position requires knowledge and the capability to assist with CDFA, OMRI, Customs self-assessments and inspections, and prepare and maintain various USDA-APHIS permits for laboratories.

Education and Skills: BS in Microbiology, 5 years in a microbiology / environmental / agricultural facility. Extensive knowledge of classical microbiology and its impact on agriculture. Prior agricultural experience or demonstrated knowledge, skills and ability to perform the above listed tasks required. Some domestic and foreign travel will be required. Spanish speaking is a plus.

Preferred Skills: Proficiency in classical microbiology techniques, proficient communication skills, detail-oriented. Must have the ability to solve problems in an unbiased fashion and anticipate unforeseen problems. Ability to work independently or as part of a team, and should be able to handle multiple projects at the same time.

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