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Sep 27 2016
With new product package sizes, BioFlora provides all gardeners the means to improve soil and increase yields.
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Aug 16 2016
Employees at high-end garden and nursery retailer see distinct difference after BioFlora product application.
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Aug 11 2016
Enjoy lush lawns and healthier plantings with organic, sustainable products from BioFlora.
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Jul 28 2016
Cacti are perennial drought tolerant plants with thick wax-coated stems that are quite resistant to moisture evaporation. The thick waxy layers give cacti their bluish or grayish tinge of color. Cacti, for the most part, are leafless and most have spines which are highly modified leaves.
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Jul 18 2016
Most everyone knows best, on how to grow strawberries.  Depending on where that everyone resides, there are absolute rules of engagement for producing sweeter, larger and redder strawberries.  Not wishing to engage in mental fisticuffs with local experts, I will mosey through the mundane aspects of growing and caring for the only fruit that has its seeds on the outside.
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May 31 2016

Gorgeous Gardens without the Guilt

With Plantalizer® 1-2-1, a sustainable fertilizer, flowers and vegetables flourish while the soil gets healthier.

PHOENIX, AZ (May, 2016) –Gardeners…

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Feb 21 2016

Don’t you just love to prune? Yard trees, shrubs, berries, hedges and, most of all, fruit and nut trees are calling you to get out…

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Feb 10 2016
This process will help get rid of aphids. But whatever you do, please avoid using any synthetic insecticides!
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Jan 18 2016

Wonderful, marvelous, vegetable seeds.

They evoke the promise of bountiful beans, beaming beets, crunchy carrots, smashing squash, and mouthwatering watermelons. Every year we peruse the…

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Jan 3 2016

A favorite time of year for me at our small nursery was bareroot season. My father built wooden open-top boxes that would hold the sawdust…