Gorgeous Gardens without the Guilt

May 31, 2016

Gorgeous Gardens without the Guilt

With Plantalizer® 1-2-1, a sustainable fertilizer, flowers and vegetables flourish while the soil gets healthier.

PHOENIX, AZ (May, 2016) –Gardeners develop a special connection with the earth; as they watch their flowers and vegetables sprout, grow, bloom and produce, they gain a real understanding of how important it is to keep the soil healthy and productive.   So when it comes to fertilizing, growers can be uncertain about the right products to use. They want to give their developing plants the necessary nutrients, but don’t want to cause any long-term, negative impacts to the environment. With BioFlora’s sustainable fertilizer, Plantalizer 1-2-1, they can achieve better blooms and keep the earth safe.

Plantalizer 1-2-1 is a sustainable fertilizer that offers the advantages of both organic and conventional products. Like most conventional fertilizers, it provides a quick boost to plants with a blend of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, producing a noticeable improvement in plant growth within a few days.  The added phosphorous in Plantalizer 1-2-1 helps set fruit and strengthen flower buds.  (A deficiency in potassium can delay plant maturity, reduce the quality of fruit and vegetable crops, and decrease plant’s resistance to disease.[1] ) With the application of Plantalizer 1-2-1, flowers and vegetables grow faster, bigger and healthier.

But Plantalizer 1-2-1 goes beyond that initial benefit, adding seaweed and humic acid to nourish the soil long-term. Humic acid can improve the water retention and tilth of the soil, increase the availability of micronutrients such as iron and zinc and help reduce the concentrations of toxic metals in the soil. [2]

The seaweed extract included in Plantalizer 1-2-1 serves as a bio stimulant that not only contributes to improved shoot and root growth of plants but also helps stimulate the growth of the soil’s good microbes and suppresses soil borne diseases.[3]  To maximize the seaweed’s effectiveness, BioFlora® uses the natural method of extracting the seaweed’s beneficial compounds; it hand-harvests, sun-dries, grinds and homogenizes the entire plant.

Plantalizer 1-2-1 is most beneficial when used as a foliar spray.  Gardeners find it easy to mix, easy to use and can apply it whenever needed during the growing season. Plantalizer 1-2-1 and other BioFlora products are available at select nurseries and garden stores throughout Arizona, Illinois and Iowa.

Gardeners no longer have to choose between growing the biggest vegetables and brightest flowers and serving as true stewards of the environment.  With BioFlora’s Plantalizer 1-2-1, they can accomplish both—guilt free.

About BioFlora

BioFlora is a division of Global Organics® Group (GOG), an international life sciences company that develops and manufactures proprietary organic and sustainable plant nutrition products and natural ionic minerals for human and animal health. For more than 40 years GOG and its BioFlora® business have been committed to preserving the earth’s ecosystem while providing superior plant nutrient systems.

Located in Goodyear, Arizona, USA, GOG is able to serve customers both locally and globally with the use of Green Acres, its 1,200 acre research farm, as well as its USDA Certified Integrated Life Science Research Center® (ILSRC).  For more information about Global Organics® Group, or to interview CEO and Managing Partner Luke Blotsky, please contact David Jay at David@Christieand.co or call 805-969-3744. Visit www.globalorganicsgroup.com.


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