ILSRC Creates Employee Workshop Campaign

Sep 29, 2016

Getting to Work: ILSRC Creates Employee Workshop Campaign

Designed to help employees grow professionally and passionately

PHOENIX, AZ (October, 2016) – There are two top concerns facing almost every organization today. The first hurdle is creating an organizational culture that engages employees. The second, is the challenge in is recruiting and retaining key talent[1].

At Global Organics® Group (GOG) the solution to these obstacles is to develop informed employees, who understand and value the company they work for. To do this, the firm has launched its “Getting to Work” initiative, a series of workshops geared towards cultivating educated, engaged, and inspired employees within the organization.

GOG encompasses three different divisions, each with a unique focus and purpose. BioFlora®, has spent over 40 years developing products to enhance plant growth by using organic and sustainable agricultural practices. Mineral BioSciences® has sought to improve both human and animal health through ionic plant mineral extracts; and the Integrated Life Science Research Center® (ILSRC) is the research and development arm to support both divisions.

“We have a very rich and diverse history, and we want every employee to understand who we are and what we do to help plant, animal and human health,” stated Luke Blotsky, CEO and Managing Partner of the Global Organics Group. “We want them to believe in the concept of sustainability, and we want them to understand the science behind our products.”

To assist in this endeavor, the ILSRC was recruited to organize a workshop campaign for Global Organics and its administrative employees.

“The ILSRC has always put an exceptional amount of focus on supporting our customers and our sales team,” continued Blotsky. “Now that focus can begin to include the administrative members of our company, who may not always have the same opportunities or day-to-day interactions with our products or the research that supports them.”

Overview of the Workshop

Gloria Downing[2], the ILSRC’s Microbiologist and Plant Pathologist, presented the first workshop, which concentrated on Microbiology, Agriculture and Humega®.

“The purpose of this workshop is to give a background on the importance of soil microbiology, Humega’s impact on the microbial community, and how that translates into plant health” stated Downing at the beginning of the training session.

The workshop continued with the Golden Rule of Biology, that every organism is affected by its environment and that every organism affects its environment. Downing explained the importance of microorganisms that are present in the soil, as they break down organic matter to make nutrients more readily available to the plant and to other organisms.

With this foundation, Downing went on to clarify the difference between humic acids and Humega. Conventional commercial manufacturers extract humic acid, and in the process, strip away the microorganisms found in the raw material. At BioFlora, we use a proprietary, organic method that allows retention of humic acid’s native microbial life. This results in a microorganism-fortified product that is different from anything else on the market.

The Feedback

Feedback from the workshop has been highly positive, with employees stating that the training session was an “eye-opening” experience. In a follow-up survey, many employees commented that it improved their understanding of Humega, microbiology, and why soil health is important to agriculture.

“With these workshops we hope to awaken even more passion within the organization, and that only comes with higher understanding,” stated Downing. “I look forward creating the next workshop and am eager to see the campaign continue.”


Within the Global Organics Group, the Integrated Life Science Research Center® (ILSRC) works as the research and development arm of leading plant health division BioFlora®, and human and animal health division, Mineral BioSciences®. As such, the ILSRC investigates a wide variety of subjects, including: agronomy, microbiology, chemistry, plant pathology, and human and animal physiology, just to name a few. To support these markets, the vision of the ILSRC is to promote and develop sustainable practices, products, and services by utilizing pioneering techniques, disciplines, chemistry, and methodology. For more information about Global Organics® Group, or to interview CEO and Managing Partner Luke Blotsky, please contact David Jay at or call 805-969-3744. Visit


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[2] Downing holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from Arizona State University and is a member of the American Phytopathological Society and the American Society for Microbiology.