How Do Minerals Impact Health?

Oct 1, 2014

“Mineral materials are the building blocks of everything we use. Everyone living on earth depends on mineral materials to create products that support our way of life, our health, and the global economy.”Kathleen Johnson, United States Geological Survey (USGS) Mineral Resources Program Coordinator (2008) But why are minerals so important for Earth’s inhabitants? What are minerals used for and how do they affect the overall health of humans and animals? At Mineral BioSciences® we believe in the capability, and vital importance, of minerals. The story behind our natural ionic minerals is a powerful one and takes us back millions of years, when much of the earth’s landmass was covered with large swampy vegetation. Over the course of time, this mineral-rich vegetation became buried and compressed deep into the earth’s surface. These concentrated deposits of virgin, untouched, rich prehistoric soil are the source of our ionic minerals.

Minerals and the Human Body

It is a scientifically proven fact that minerals are an essential component of the human body, yet the body does not produce a single mineral element. In fact, all tissue and internal fluids contain minerals: bones, teeth, soft tissue, muscle, blood and nerve cells. Most minerals that our bodies rely on are derived from the very food we eat; minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and zinc. According to The Institute of Medicine , the average person should consume up to 7,000 mg per day of trace minerals in their diet. Our bodies rely on minerals every day to conduct and produce billions of tiny electrical impulses that are involved in the process of every muscle function. Ionic minerals enhance this process.

Why Ionic Minerals?

The term “ionic” when used in the context of liquids is often associated with the term “dissolved” and refers to the nature of the solids in a liquid medium. When a solid substance has achieved an ionic state, it has reached its smallest molecular composition. This form is easily absorbed by the body and is extremely bioavailable at the cellular level. This is an advantage over colloidal minerals, a term that means solids are “suspended” in liquid. If particles are suspended, they are left standing and some will eventually separate due to gravity, while others will remain in permanent suspension. These minerals, due to their large molecular size, are not as readily absorbed, evenly distributed or fully transported throughout the body.

Minerals and Human Health

For years, Mineral BioSciences (MBS) has partnered with companies in a variety of industries to advance a multitude of products with our ionic minerals. More recently, Mineral BioSciences has created unique ionic mineral formulations, to create a brand new product line for healthy living. These formulations result from a proprietary mineral extraction process as outlined in the diagram, which is exclusive to MBS. This signature extraction process allows Mineral BioSciences® to procure a distinct multi-mineral composition, which can be utilized in a wide range of products and markets.

Mineral Biosciences® is striving to better enhance multiple aspects of everyday life through its bioactive, ionic mineral complex (Ioniplex™), which is present in a multi-mineral formula for human health and well-being, Totála® Cellular Health. This plant-mineral extract allows Ioniplex™ to be more easily absorbed by the body. Its balanced mineral composition supports body at the cellular level, positive affecting mitochondrial metabolism, glycation defense, and the vitality and performance of cells.

Minerals and Animal Nutrition

As with humans, it is important for animals to have a balance of minerals in their diet for optimum health and nutrition. The specially formulated BioVigor® product line is distributed through licensed veterinarians and is complete with individual products specifically targeted for the development and health of horses, swine, poultry and dairy cows. This ionic mineral supplement is composed of organic compounds with major, minor and trace minerals using plant-derived, active soil complexes. The benefits of our ionic, natural mineral supplements are perfect examples of why minerals matter: When applied to equine health, BioVigor® Vet has been proven to enhance hoof growth, strengthen the immune system, and improve reproductive health, glucose and carbohydrate metabolism, collagen production, bone and tendon strength, blood values and bolster the management of Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Within the swine market, BioVigor® Swine supports increased birth weight, improved survival rate, immune system vitality, enhanced reproduction and boosted feed conversion ratios. The poultry industry can benefit from BioVigor® Poultry, as it aids in increasing breast, thigh and body weight, boosting feed conversion ratios, enhancing egg shell quality, reducing egg shell cracks, improving egg shell fibrous content, decreasing the mortality rate, prolonging production life, deterring molting and strengthening the immune system. Finally, BioVigor® Dairy has strong benefits for those in the dairy market. This supplement has been proven to enrich overall health and well being, improve reproduction, strengthen the immune system, decrease the mortality rate, prolong production life, increase milk production, enhance hoof health and boost feed conversion ratios.