Global Organics® Receives Patent for Mineral Composition

Jul 23, 2014

Protects Exclusive Use in Nutritional, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Industries

Global Organics Group, an international, integrated life sciences company, officially received a signed and sealed patent for its exclusive mineral source and process from Deputy Director Michelle K. Lee of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This patent, which was first filed in December of 2003, relates to Global Organics’ proprietary mineral composition, which has been proven to contain high concentrations of micro and macro mineral elements, rare earth elements, and extremely minimal concentrations of mercury, cadmium, lead, and arsenic.

The mineral elements that Global Organics Group sources are essential to life, and their usefulness to human biological systems has been both medically and scientifically established. Minerals play vital roles in disease prevention, nutrient exchange, improved cellular conductivity and many other functions. However, the body does not produce a single mineral element. Food consumption, particularly fruits and vegetables, is the only means to supplement vital mineral elements in the body. The introduction of processed foods and the insurgence of soil mineral depletion have created a food market less apt to derive and deliver the mineral requirements that were once supplied.

One important facet of this patent is that it pertains to the extraction techniques used by Global Organics Group to gather, isolate and concentrate an array of mineral elements. Soil depletion phenomena are real and measurable, and have led to less mineral content in our food supply. This has caused a variety of vitamin and mineral supplements to enter the market, based on the fact that the human body is not getting all of its necessary minerals. However, most extraction techniques fail to capture a wide spectrum of inherent minerals found in the soil, leaving products to only offer concentrations of particular minerals. Physical testing and analysis of Global Organics Group final product produced by these procedures confirm a minimum of eight macro mineral elements and a minimum of sixty micro mineral elements – including trace and rare earth mineral elements.

This mineral composition is used in many different aspects of Global Organics Group business, to support the rising need for a natural mineral source in multiple industries. This patented process is applied to their BioFlora® and Mineral BioSciences® divisions and products. BioFlora utilizes this composition for its organic and sustainable fertilizers, which help reconstitute the mineral content in depleted soils for higher crop yields with increased nutritional substance. Mineral BioSciences® uses this process in their human and animal health supplements to maximize mineral delivery and promote overall health and wellbeing.

Patent Number: US 8,709,497 B2
Application Number: 10/725,729