The Dirty Work: Avocado Case Study

Nov 11, 2013

How do BioFlora® products actually work?

Decades of research and development have gone into our BioFlora® line of products. As an affiliate of Global Organics Group, at BioFlora® we believe in the partnership between crops and the soils they are grown in. Unlike other companies, we do not apply synthetic additives to achieve a short-term solution for a long-term problem. We begin the process by going directly to the field and working from the ground up. By obtaining samples of soils and crops and testing them in one of our research facilities, we can determine the source of a problem or potential issues. And it doesn’t stop there; as technology improves and evolves, our mission to enhance our products and develop additional innovative solutions continues.

To further our dedication to our products, we have conducted numerous environmental scientific tests throughout the years in partnership with other respected organizations from around the world. We have seen true results time and time again.

If you find yourself curious as to how BioFlora® products actually work, please don’t just take our word for it. Our case studies are a true testament to the continued power of our products.

One such test includes the application of four BioFlora® products to treat Avocado crops in Goleta, California:

  1. Humega®: Biologically enhanced humic acid which facilitates soils and boosts microbial activity.
  2. BioFlora Seaweed Creme®: A homogenized seaweed supplement that maximizes plant growth and root development while providing increased hormonal and auxin activity.
  3. DynaMega® 2-1-1: Promotes homogenous growth for uniform set, coloring and sizing.
  4. Fulmega™ 1% Mg: A magnesium supplement, composed of nanomolecules which increase soil flocculation.

What was the purpose of this experiment?

The purpose of this study was to mitigate soil sodium build-up caused by the use of sodium irrigation water and a prolonged period of drought. In addition, a lessening of the tendency of avocados to be alternate bearing was pursued. Phytophthora crown rot and trunk canker are common to avocado orchards in the area. The prevalence of disease was measured over the trial period to test whether BioFlora® products had any effect on the rate of occurrence.

What procedures took place?

The BioFlora® test field was treated with Humega®, BioFlora Seaweed Creme®, DynaMega® 2-1-1, and Fulmega™ 1% Mg. In the control field, the grower used a conventional fertilizer program based on the use of UN-32, potassium, and calcium. Rates of application varied per product. The trial period started January 1998 and concluded in 2002.


The scientific testing carried out using BioFlora® products revealed:

  1. Annual production on the 65 acres in 1998 was 50,000 pounds (769 lbs. /acre); low fertility plus a severe drought were credited with the production total. However, after Humega® was applied in 1999 at a rate of 25 gallons per acre, along with a grower standard fertility program, production increased to over 300,000 (4,615 lbs. /acre).
  2. When the rate of Humega® was increased in 2000 to 50 gallons per acre, production increased to 450,000 (6,923 lbs. /acre).
  3. The incidence of Phytphthora related disease decreased over the four years of this trial.

In 2001, the rate of Humega® was 100 gallons per acre in addition to BioFlora Seaweed Creme® and Fulmega™ 1% Mg at 1 quart per acre, plus DynaMega® 2-1-1 at 2 quarts per acre. These products were used in conjunction with two foliar pesticide applications.  In subsequent years potassium was applied at 75 – 100 pounds per acre, nitrogen applied at 1 – 1.5 pounds per tree and Humega® applied at 70 gallons per acre in addition to the foliar products BioFlora Seaweed Creme®, Fulmega™ 1% Mg, and DynaMega® 2-1-1. Favorable results continued to be seen throughout the trial, as shown in the pictures.

avocado plant

These trees were planted in 1999, and have produced over 10,000 pounds of avocados per acre during one growing season. The fertility program included Humega®.

avocado plants

With Humega®, avocado trees are able to grow in high clay and high sodic soils. These transplants now yield over 10,000 pounds of avocados per acre.


BioFlora® aims to preserve our ecosystem through environmentally sustainable efforts as well as unique, proprietary product lines which the products used in this study are a part of. The core business model is to create a partnership between crops and soil which in turn focuses on the needs of the customer so that we can work with growers, instead of simply for growers.

To learn more about our case studies, see our What’s Happening page. For a full list of BioFlora® products, visit our Products page.