The Dirty Work: Asparagus Germination Trial Case Study

Mar 17, 2015

BioFlora® was founded in 1972 with a goal to conceptualize, develop, manufacture, market, and deliver a proprietary product line to the agricultural community. Through our innovative products and programs, we provide solutions to our customers in both domestic and international markets. Today,we have over 30 unique proprietary products that benefit growers, retailers and consumers alike. Our organic and sustainable agricultural programs maximize the efficacy and efficiency of traditional agricultural inputs, while being mindful of their environmental impact.

Background Information

Most commercial asparagus cultivars take 30 – 45 days to germinate when direct seeding, with some variances, due to water quality, soil characteristics and temperature.

Trial Methods

BioFlora® designed a trial to better understand the potential influence of several BioFlora® products on asparagus seed germination. The objective was to reduce plant germination time. BioFlora Seaweed Creme®, GOgreen® and Fulvex® were applied separately at a concentration of 1:100 against a control, utilizing water.

All BioFlora® products reduced germination time against the control. The control results reflected conventional planting methods. The products GOgreen® & Fulvex® were the most effective, reaching an 80% germination rate at 1/3 the conventional time. BioFlora® identified the first 15 days from planting as the critical stage to determine successful germination. This is in comparison to the 30 – 45 days traditional growers will wait to decide if replanting is necessary.