BioFlora® Keeps Home Gardens Beautiful When Temperatures Soar

Aug 11, 2016

BioFlora® Keeps Home Gardens Beautiful When Temperatures Soar

Natural additives keeps soil healthier so flowers flourish even during the worst summer heat.

PHOENIX, AZ (July, 2016) –Garden flowers sometimes get the droops during the dog days of August. Excessive heat and lack of moisture can stress plants so that they produce fewer, smaller blooms. Careful watering can help minimize the damage done by the summer sun, but cultivating a healthier soil where your plants can thrive in hot weather is a better long-term solution. BioFlora® has several products that can help gardeners enhance their gardens’ soil structure naturally.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), healthy soils effectively cycle nutrients, minimize runoff and retain water.[1]  BioFlora’s Soil Source®, a biologically-enhanced humic acid soil additive, is a good way to start building that healthy garden base. “The humic acids in Soil Source amplify root system development and stimulate plant growth,” said Dr. Srinivas Makam, Molecular and Microbiologist scientists . “In addition, Soil Source contains a diverse spectrum of naturally occurring, beneficial microbes that help to quickly rebuild and restore soil.”

High-quality compost is also an essential element in a gardener’s soil improvement plan. In blending its compost product, BioFlora selects only mature compost without weeds and/or disease and optimizes its nutrient and pH levels. With BioFlora Compost, gardeners enrich their soil in a natural way, helping flowers produce better blooms.

The selection of fertilizer will impact a soil’s performance over time, affecting plant growth. Researchers have found, for example, that synthetic nitrogen fertilizers actually deplete the amount of nitrogen available in the soil for plants to access[2]. BioFlora’s Plantalizer® 1-2-1, by contrast, is a sustainable fertilizer that improves a soil’s structure and increases its ability to hold water and nutrients.

Building a more beautiful garden—one that will thrive and not just survive—is literally an effort that starts at the ground level. With help from BioFlora, flowers will be at their best even on August days when the thermometer soars.

About BioFlora

BioFlora is a division of Global Organics® Group (GOG), an international life sciences company that develops and manufactures proprietary organic and sustainable plant nutrition products and natural ionic minerals for human and animal health. For more than 40 years GOG and its BioFlora® business have been committed to preserving the earth’s ecosystem while providing superior plant nutrient systems.

Located in Goodyear, Arizona, USA, GOG is able to serve customers both locally and globally with the use of Green Acres, its 1,200 acre research farm, as well as its USDA Certified Integrated Life Science Research Center® (ILSRC).  For more information about Global Organics® Group, or to interview CEO and Managing Partner Luke Blotsky, please contact David Jay at or call 805-969-3744. Visit