Global Organics® is the leading provider of biological nutrients for sustainable and healthy soil, plant, animal and human bioactivity and development. We are differentiated by a commitment to creating sustainable solutions, with ionic minerals as our signature ingredient, for all facets of our company. Each individual involved with Global Organics® shares the same passion and determination to enhance our environment, by eliminating the dependence on chemical, synthetic and artificial products that affects the entire sustainability chain of our planet. In this effort, we strive to be an evolving life sciences company, in a constant process of innovation and discovery, finding solutions for every industry we provide for, we will not settle for short-term solutions like so many others in our industry. Combining over 40 years of expertise, proprietary and patented technologies, our in-house Integrated Life Science Research Center™, Global Organics™ offers:
  • An unprecedented wealth of industry knowledge
  • Innovative processes and technological solutions
  • Customized products and services
Our balanced approach is an established and sustainable practice which plays a vital role in promoting the health of our ecosystems, as well as all living organisms within it.
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BioFlora® nurtures the partnership between crops and soil through biological solutions, which have been empirically proven to drive crop yield and quality in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner.
The Integrated Life Science Research Center’s vision is to become the first research team in the country dedicated to promoting the development of safe, sustainable practices, products, services and protocols through life sciences and engineering.
Mineral BioSciences® (MBS) provides brand-enriching solutions, by means of innovative methods and ionic minerals, containing nutritional attributes and biological health benefits.

BioVigor Offers Proprietary, Bio-Active, Ionic Materials That Produce Energy

Minerals play a critical role in our health-from disease prevention, to the production of hormones, digestion and utilization of nutrients.

Case Study: Wine Grape

 To mitigate salt damage, increase the beneficial microbial diversity and population of soils, increase the wood maturity, develop even ripening and enhance the quality of the grape must...