Mineral BioSciences® Selects Christie & Co as its Agency on Record to Promote its Line of Nutraceutical Mineral Solutions

Mar 10, 2016

PHOENIX, AZ (March 2016) –Mineral BioSciences® (www.mineralbiosciences.com) is an affiliate of the larger Global Organics® Group of Companies, strictly focused on human and animal wellness. Mineral BioSciences® was founded by Roger Blotsky, and is based on the belief that “Nature Knows Best®”, considering both himself and the company to be “stewards of the environment”.

Global Organics® first began as an agriculturally focused company, but Mr. Blotsky quickly realized that environmentally friendly and natural products were needed in other industries as well. He began Mineral BioSciences® as an effort to better both human and animal health by making natural ionic minerals readily available to many other markets, as well as its own Totála® and GlyDe® D products. For more than twenty years, Mineral BioSciences® has been providing brand-enriching solutions on a domestic and international basis, with nutrient-rich materials as a signature ingredient, that have proven nutritional and biological health benefits based on their bioavailable properties. The company continues to make technological advancements towards the future through innovation, new technology, and a commitment to sustainability and rigorous science.

With its advanced technologies, connection with top industry consultants, and its team of distributors around the world, Mineral BioSciences® is able to continue creating natural and organic solutions worldwide. Combined with the Integrated Life Science Research Center®, an associate branch committed to the discovery, research, and development of Mineral BioScience’s® products, the company constantly strives to be an evolving life sciences company, focused on enhancing the application of minerals throughout a multitude of industries.

Taking the torch from his father, Managing Partner and CEO Luke Blotsky is continuing full speed ahead with the original mission of Mineral BioSciences®. “Mineral BioSciences® was originally created to better our health and the health of animals through our ionic mineral formulations, and we continue to work on the cutting edge of science to bring these solutions to the public”, Blotsky says. “We have chosen Christie & Co to represent Mineral BioSciences® as they understand our mission, through over twenty years of experience working with sustainable and ethical companies.”

“The Christie & Co team understand the wants and needs that motivate consumers. Its twenty years of industry experience and success in reaching our target customer make this partnership a perfect fit”, says Gillian Christie, Founder and CEO of Christie & Co. “We are proud to represent Mineral BioSciences®, a brand which has built its entire foundation on sustainability and mindfulness of their environmental impact.”

Christie & Co has over twenty years of experience in the natural products industry bringing high impact companies and entrepreneurs from Dream to Mainstream. Through its unique research-based approach, Christie & Co develops marketing and communications campaigns that demonstrate results of increased brand awareness, consumer engagement, and retail sales. The team is equipped to propel Mineral BioSciences® as it becomes the go-to agricultural solution for growers, consumers, and retailers everywhere.

About Global Organics Group

Global Organics® Group (GOG) is an international, integrated life sciences company engaged in the development and manufacture of proprietary organic plant nutrition agricultural products and natural ionic minerals for Human and Animal health. For more than 40 years, GOG’s BioFlora® business has been committed to environmental sustainability through its efforts aimed at preserving our ecosystem while providing superior plant nutrient systems. Global Organics® continued to grow with a mission to enhance human and animal life, the vitality of plants and soils, as well as the restoration of the environment through their Mineral BioSciences® (MBS) division.

Located in Goodyear, Arizona, USA, GOG is able to serve customers both locally and globally with the use of Green Acres, our 1,200-acre research farm, as well as our USDA Certified Integrated Life Science Research Center® (ILSRC).

For more information about Mineral BioSciences®, or to interview Luke Blotsky, please contact David Jay at David@Christieand.co or call 805-969-3744. Visit www.mineralbiosciences.com.

About Christie & Co

Christie & Co is a full-service branding, marketing, public relations and advertising agency dedicated to helping ethical businesses, entrepreneurs, and socially conscious organizations broaden their impact through effective communication services. Christie & Co goes beyond branding and other marketing buzzwords. It is a company based in philosophy, driven by passion, and known by its results. The Christie CommUnity Foundation creates “ripple effect” of global betterment through creating and promoting innovative, results-oriented initiatives for the betterment of the world.