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May 5 2015

As children we are constantly instructed to eat certain fruits and vegetables, some of which we may not have particularly enjoyed. Once we reach maturity…

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May 1 2015

Pork producers have been relatively successful with their efforts to increase production efficiencies in the swine industry over the years. During the 1930s and…

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Apr 1 2015

Merriam-Webster defines “humate” as “a salt of humic acid”. Humic acid is a combination of organic substances created as a result of the decomposition…

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Mar 12 2015

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The discussion of how to improve dairy farm profitability starts with an evaluation of farm management. Proper management is…

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Mar 2 2015

The F1000 Research Journal, a publication known for its open, transparent and all inclusive approach to scientific research, has launched the publication of the…

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Feb 24 2015

The agriculture industry has changed a lot over the past century. After the introduction of DDT, as well as the creation of other…

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Nov 19 2014

Before jumping right in and explaining the benefits of algae, let’s take a step back and begin by defining the term so many of us…

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Aug 19 2014

What is Biotechnology?

As our name suggests, biotechnology is at the core of what we do at BioFlora®. Science, research and expertise make up the…