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Feb 21 2016

Don’t you just love to prune? Yard trees, shrubs, berries, hedges and, most of all, fruit and nut trees are calling you to get out…

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Feb 10 2016
This process will help get rid of aphids. But whatever you do, please avoid using any synthetic insecticides!
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Jan 18 2016

Wonderful, marvelous, vegetable seeds.

They evoke the promise of bountiful beans, beaming beets, crunchy carrots, smashing squash, and mouthwatering watermelons. Every year we peruse the…

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Jan 3 2016

A favorite time of year for me at our small nursery was bareroot season. My father built wooden open-top boxes that would hold the sawdust…

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Dec 15 2015
Vines are Climbers and Non-Climbers

Why are we talking about vines this time of year? Possibly because “fruit of the vine, bottle of wine” and…

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Dec 5 2015

Communing with soil microbes is the order of the day.  We know a fraction of what these tiny animals do to aid in plant growth. …

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Nov 30 2015

“Finicky” is not a word I grew up with on the ranch. When you ate, you ate everything—including the hide and the hair! My first…

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Nov 22 2015

Let’s consider two ideas for garden plant frost protection that are neither mechanical, nor traditional.

Tender or frost susceptible plants run the gamut, from those…

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Nov 5 2015

The word “evergreen” usually evokes images of evergreen types such as pine, fir, spruce, junipers, arborvitae, cedar, and the ever popular yew. Evergreen perennials keep their…

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Jun 18 2015

Water is the key to life for all living things. It plays a major role in various systems in the human body, and is a…