The Dirty Work: Cotton Case Study

Jun 2, 2015

BioFlora® was founded in 1972 with a goal to conceptualize, develop, manufacture, market, and deliver a proprietary product line to the agricultural community. Through our innovative products and programs, we provide solutions to our customers in both domestic and international markets. Today, we have over 30 unique proprietary products that benefit growers, retailers, and consumers. Our organic and sustainable agricultural programs maximize the efficacy and efficiency of traditional agricultural inputs, while being mindful of their environmental impact.

Cotton Case Study 

BioFlora® began our first trial on Cotton (variety Bayer Fibermax®) in Tahoka, Texas on 70 acres. The purpose of this trial was to determine whether using GOgreen®, would improve soil and plant health, while increasing yields.

In our dryland field, GOgreen® was broadcast sprayed two weeks before planting with pre-emergence herbicide. No other NPK inputs were used. This trial utilized three fields to collect data.

Field 1 received 1 qt/acre of GOgreen®
Field 2 received 2 qts/acre of GOgreen®
Field 3 received no GOgreen®

GOgreen® is a matrix of freshwater green and yellow-green algae species acquired by our Integrated Life Science Research Center® (ILSRC).
These species are grown and cultivated in state-of-the-art research facilities using an organic, patented process. The proteins, enzymes, and polysaccharides found in this algal solution combine with one another to help growers realize improved production.

Of particular interest in this trial was GOgreen’s ability to improve soil crumb structure, increase soil moisture retention, increase organic matter, enhance root growth, promote microbial diversity, and reduce sodium levels.

GOgreen® Species Worldwide, there is a tendency towards a shift from chemical-based conventional farming towards low input, sustainable or organic, alternative agriculture. To meet the increasing demand, BioFlora® has researched many viable options, including algae. Our research has led us to three algal species we use in GOgreen®: Chlorella vulgaris, Nannochloris atomus, and Scenedesmus quadricauda. Together, these cells function as a food source since they are high in protein and other nutrients essential for plant growth and soil improvement.

Our Results

In the GOgreen® treated soil, sodium levels decreased by an average of 37%. Treated soil organic matter increased by an average of 8% versus the control. Treated plants averaged 10 bolls per plant at harvest. The control averaged 6 bolls per plant at harvest. The GOgreen® treated plants were larger than the control plants. The yield on treated plots was 3/4 bale per acre in extreme drought conditions. The yield on untreated plots was 1/2 bale per acre.

Control field with no GOgreen®, notice smaller plants with less cotton bolls.


BioFlora® treated field, notice larger plants with more cotton bolls per plant.


Control, notice underdeveloped root structure.


Treated, thicker taproot & higher number of lateral and adventitious roots.